Barcelona's Restaurant

Via Veneto style

Via Veneto is one of Barcelona's best restaurants.

An award-winning Michelin Sttar, cuisine, unique service and the best winery in Barcelona, ​​certifies our position at the head of Barcelona's gastronomy.


Michelin Star

3 Guía Repsol Suns

3rd best Barcelona Restaurant (Macarfi)

Nº 42 Best European Restaurant (The Daily Meal) 

National Gastronomy Award (1984,1994,2013)


Via Veneto & Dalí

Via Veneto was one of Salvador Dalí's favorite restaurants.


Usually, the Empordà painter arrived with a pletora of guests and organized real performances. A dinner with Salvador Dalí was always something new and unique.

The surrealist genius, once asked José Monje for butifarras (catalan sausages) then hang them from their guests as a necklace.